The Next Project


A women’s group called The Sisterhood, led by an enigmatic and charismatic Desiree Holt (that’s me) delivers everything it promises, but soon a new member (Ashley, played by Claire Coffee) discovers that the benefits of The Sisterhood come at a steep, and sometimes illegal price.  Available on Crave TV.

Billie is back! We’ve had to postpone filming because of COVID, but you can still catch the first half of the season on Netflix. This ending is going to be epic!

Now back on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Motion Comic Series

Jean Michel LeGal, Dion Johnstone, Olunike Adeleyi

As artists, we need to have a hobby to keep our creative juices flowing and this is mine; turning comic books into mini motion movies. Letting each frame feel three dimensional, through the layering in of sound. This lets me -and hopefully, you, take in the details of the art, highlighting just how amazing comic books are. This way of reading comic books lets the story unfold before you.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big nerd and love comic books and that love has grown into a hobby that today has me voicing Wonder Woman.  For your viewing pleasure, here is a link to my latest animated comic book movie, Superman Wonder Woman the new 52 Issue 1.