If you find yourself getting frustrated with the process of taking responsibility for the things that are happening in your life or feeling like nothing is coming of your positive efforts, I urge you to keep going. The temptation to quit will always be strongest before a breakthrough, so stay committed to being consistent. 

Let’s say, your goal is to meditate for fifteen minutes a day. And for the ​first few weeks, you’re going strong. Until one night, after a particularly busy day, you realize you haven’t meditated yet. You’re tired and the last thing you want to do is “be conscious”. You want to close your eye​s and go to bed, not sit up right and tune into how you​’r​e feeling. But instead of throwing in the towel​, use those moments of fatigue to modify instead of quitting. Cut the time you sit in meditation down from fifteen minutes to five, or make it about taking three deep conscious breaths, but still do your practice.

Remember, you’re not trying to become “good” at meditating, you’re building a consistent discipline of tuning into yourself and how you’re feeling, so you’re able to listen to your intuition and take inspired action. And if I lost yah there…

Trust that the journey will become the process.

 Don’t know what kind of meditation is right for you yet?  That’s okay, keep playing around, you’ll figure it out by following what feels right.  Fostering a new kind of relationship with yourself is what’s essential and is very similar to getting to know a child.  Showing up only twice a year with a fancy gift won’t get them to trust or open up to you.  Neither will showing up to hear what you’ve been thinking once in a blue moon reveal the hidden gems in your mind.

You must crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run and run before you can have a transcendent experience.  

The simple act of sitting down, by yourself and doing nothing, is one of the easiest/hardest things you can do.

But I promise you’ll never regret meditating. 

Even if you show up to your practice to just take a few deep breaths, good job. 

Meditation isn’t supposed to go any particular way. Let what comes come. 

Compassion leaves a beautiful legacy that lingers in your mind and reorganizes your thoughts back to love

New energy will flow into your life, and you’ll strengthen your connection with your higher self.  

Use everything, and I mean everything, from your taxes (yes your taxes) to the crabby guy that lives in your building as the reasons to reconnect you with Source. That’s when the real magic happens.  You stop worrying and start experiencing more and more meaningful synchronicities.  

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.

When you concentrate on your breath, you can’t be focused on anything that’s troubling you.   When you ‘re not focused on what’s troubling you, you quiet your mind. When you quite your mind you stop your thoughts.  When you stop your thoughts, you can introduce new ideas.

When it is most challenging to be with yourself, that is when you must be still.

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