Are you tired of reeling afraid or not enough?

This will help.

For many of us, breathing consciously, deeply and with intention doesn’t come easily.

In fact, it can be pretty darn hard.

And when we feel stressed long enough, that can become our new normal.

So, if breathwork has never been your thing, you’ve shelved your spiritual practice because of life stuff or reading self-help books makes you feel like you need to be a saint to live wholeheartedly.

Whatever you’re going through that’s got you feeling like, “what’s the point?”

This message is for you.


I invite you to place your attention on your face, relax the muscles between your eyebrows and around your jaw. Drop your shoulders.  Now take a gentle inhale through your nose on a slow count of two allowing your belly expanding like a balloon.  Hold for two, now exhale through your mouth on a count of four allowing your belly to flatten.

Continue to stay present with your breathing as you continue reading.

Let go of your thoughts by embracing this heightened state of awareness. Stay focused on the inflow and outflow of your breath.

You are worthy of the time it takes to do this work.

For the last two decades of being an actor and cultivating my sense of self through breathwork, I can say that being able to feel the way I want to because I want to has been one the single most important skills I’ve developed.

If fuels everything I do as both an artist and a person.

It’s helped me create a life and career that was beyond what I could have ever imagined, but it also allows me to do what I’m most passionate about, being of service in this world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, entrepreneur, if you’re working with an organization, or you’re a stay at home mom– the truth is we’re all busy trying to live life.

As the energy in the word becomes more extreme, it’s becoming that much hard for us to ground ourselves, go with the flow and be at peace.

So, if self-exploration, and going boldly where you’ve never gone within before is something you’re interested in, come join my BREATHE IN community.

My intention with sharing what I’ve learn over the years, is to help guide you in a practice that will connect you to your body, so you can physically feel the evidence of your spiritual growth.

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Lisa xo