Giving Back

giving back

It has always been a goal for Dion and I to give back to the artistic community that has fostered our growth. As such we’ve decided that each year we will choose either an artist or an organization or a combination of both to support. Wether that’s helping an actor take a specialized class or a film maker reach a fundraising campaign goal. This way we are able to ensure that great art can continue to be explored and fostered.

This year we are proud to support our dear friend Ngozi Paul bring her smash hit Emancipation of Ms.Lovely back to the stage due to popular demand.  This magnificent show, that I hope you’ll get to see will run from March 28- April 8, 2017 at Crows Theatre in Toronto’s East end.  This theatre company is a  creative home for local artists and audiences craving great theatre.

Before the year is out we look forward to supporting more.