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With over a decade of professional experience as an actor on screen and in the theatre, I’ve learned that spiritual strength contributes as much to an actor’s success as a great audition.

So what does being an actor really mean?

I could say the job means knowing all of your lines or understanding the stakes of the scene; while all of that would be true, there is more to the job than that. The work we do as actors is similar to that of an athlete (because we are athletes – emotional athletes) but more than keeping your body strong, as actors we need to keep our minds sharp.

Our task as actors is to bring humanity to the characters we portray.   The more self-development we do, the deeper the well we have to draw from. I know that sharing the most vulnerable sides of yourself is an extremely personal thing to do and as your coach, I take that responsibility seriously. With a variety of tools in my artistic goody bag, I will lead you through mindfulness techniques and meditations, along with some good old fashion acting tricks, that will help ground you in the present moment, allowing you to be your most authentic self in the audition room.  I know how to make the work both fun and fulfilling. I will encourage you to take new risks while building up your confidence to trust your instincts, so you can leave the room feeling good about your work.

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Lisa Berry is a top-level actor and instructor, whom I’ve been very blessed to work with as a coach. With her guidance, I not only booked my first series lead in UPtv’s Ties That Bind but worked with her to prep each episode for shooting. Lisa’s approach wasn’t just about finding the right objective and actions for each scene, it also included developing a healthy mindset for dealing with the day to day pressures of being on set and carrying a large portion of the show. Lisa’s understanding of what it means to be an artist is not limited to film and TV, she has been my coach for theatre as well and on several occasions helped me tap into a level of work that ultimately got me the role.
Dion Johnstone (Ties that Bind & Othello)
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Lisa Berry is one of the most inspired, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. She can not only talk the talk, (which she does WELL) but can walk the walk like no one else I’ve ever encountered. She applies all the things she believes in her own life, and all the lives she touches, which are many. She is also one of the hardest working people I know. She has earned and fought for everything she’s achieved (which is a LOT!) but she does it with joy. She is principled and disciplined, because she believes in what she does, and has achieved everything she has ever set her mind to. Her mindfulness and work ethic have brought her success in all areas of her life- her work on stage and on screen, and most importantly, in the beautiful relationships, she fosters. And all this goodness is infectious. She shares her energy and wisdom with those fortunate to be in her company and does so gladly. She also does it all with endless amounts of drive, creativity, passion, and ultimately, gratitude. I feel a better person when I’m in her company.
Natalie Brown (The Strain)
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Lisa Berry is an actress unlike any other that I have met. She radiates with confidence, enthusiasm, and passion for her craft. She leaves you feeling better and fuller as an actor and as a person after working with her. I’ve found her brand of positivity and optimism to be a rare and welcomed gem in this industry of film/TV.
Amanda Schik (The Strain)
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Lisa is one of the kindest and positive people I have worked with. As a coach, she creates a safe environment where I can fully liberate and lose myself in my craft; I know she will always ground me back down. She has a strength and energy that radiates and is infectious when working with her. Lisa is extremely passionate about the work and is willing to push the actor to their fullest potential in nothing but a loving, supportive, and patient way.
Lisa Lau (Covert Affairs, Ozion)

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