The Person

A little about me…

I was asked a great spiritual question from a friend of mine when I found myself out of work for a long while. 

“Who am I, outside of being an actor?”

This question from my friend really got me thinking.  And finding a deeper meaning for my life is what changed the trajectory of what I do today.  I learned how to turn all my experiences, be it on set, the stage or in life, into an opportunity for growth. 

As an artist, one deals with an enormous amount of rejection and disappointment all the time! But once you know how to use that to your advantage to grow, you become more resilient and begin to see the blessing in the lessons. 

Allowing myself to see things from different perspectives was the simple mindset-shift that made my dreams become a reality. 

I now see rejection as a redirection to what’s resonating more with my soul. 

When I was out of work, I felt threatened because my significance was attached to me having a job. But now my significance is connected to my values, like being of service, and I can be that every day.

Yes, it required adjusting, adapting and being patient with myself and others, but it also lets me move forward instead of feeling stuck. 

I’m a firm believer that what is meant for someone will always find them. 

Now, my life is about being comfortable in my skin and living authentically.

My advice to actors starting out.


You’ve probably already figured this out, but loving yourself is going to be the hardest, single most important thing you could do for yourself, your craft and career.

Taking time to connect with yourself through meditation is good for you and makes you better at managing your life.

That’s right, meditation make you smarter, more creative and mentally sharp.

The brain is like a muscle that can be trained and strengthened.

This isn’t just my opinion. Research shows that people are less happy when their mind is wandering than when they’re present with what they’re doing.

Don’t get me wrong, allowing the mind to wander on pleasant thoughts is like good medicine. But, negative mind-wandering releases a tsunami of stress that diminishes our physical health and happiness.

Give yourself permission to feel better about how things are unfolding and affirm: I love myself, often.