A little about me

bio about

I’m Lisa Berry, an international actress who’s work stretches across the big screen and the stage, and I share my life with fellow actor Dion Johnstone. I am the youngest of four children, and was born and raised in Richmond Hill – just outside Toronto. As a child I was shy and quiet, which is hard for most who know me now to believe – but with the help of my much louder siblings, I quickly found my voice.

My training at The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts has allowed me to enjoy the challenges that each new role brings; from my recurring role as Billie,  a badass reaper on CW’s Supernatural, to a woman torn between her head and her heart in Soulpepper Theatre’s production of Father Comes Home From The Wars.

I feel honored to have gained the support of my community with both a Trailblazer Award from the Reel World Film Festival and a Broadway World nomination for “best performance by a female in a featured role” for my work as Calpurnia in Young People’s Theatre’s production of To Kill A Mockingbird. I was also happily surprised to receive a second Black Canadian Award nomination for my work in television this past year.

While I enjoy immersing myself in both acting and coaching, I’m also always looking for ways to stretch both personally and professionally, and I never forget to carve out time to relax and recharge.

My philosophy

Be creative about the approach you take towards building your career and never take no for an answer.

When I first got started in acting, getting auditions for film and television was hard, It didn’t matter how talented I thought I was, no one was seeing me. I was new and had no professional work experience under my belt yet. After months of taking on camera classes, but not getting any auditions and scared my agent was going to drop me, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

First I had to realize that I wasn’t helpless, and then I had to have a conversation with my agent about why I wasn’t being seen and after our talk, I learned that while they (casting directors) had heard wonderful things about my theatre work, they didn’t know what I could do on film. So, I booked a studio session, got an actor friend to read a few different scenes with me and just like that I had made my first demo reel.

The results were amazing, my agent loved both my initiative and my reel so much that he started sending it out to casting directors when submitting me for roles. Within a week, audition started to role in and within a month I had landed a couple of commercials and my first principal role on Degrassi: The Next Generation. It wasn’t long after that, that I had more than enough material to put together a professional demo reel.