Picture it: Stratford, Ontario 2007, I’m at my crushes house party, in the kitchen, sitting on the countertop, telling jokes, as the crowd around me grows, when I wipe out dramatizing the end of my story.

You can’t plan for moments like that.

While on one hand, it was so funny that even I got a good laugh out of it, on the other hand, I felt humiliated and wished I’d watched it happen rather than experienced it. Now, had I got my wish and that part of the story no longer existed, things might not have turned out the way they did.

He thought I was perfect. Too perfect.

But as you already know, I am not. However, at the time all my crush perceived was a confident, sure of herself woman, who’s shit seemingly didn’t stink. In other words, he saw the version of me that I wanted him to see, (because who’d want to be with someone who fell down and made an ass of themselves sometimes!). But on that frightful night, all the sides that I tried to hide, slipped and fell out onto his kitchen floor. The imperfect, vulnerable, silly girl with a slightly bruised ego was exposed.

To this day we still laugh really hard about that moment.

My crush is now my husband. We just celebrated ten beautiful years together, and with every new belly laugh, I’m reminded that each moment holds the potential to become one of my most cherished memories. Life is full of surprises.

Go forth and be your beautiful, imperfect self today, who knows what might happen.

Lisa x

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