You ever feel like life is moving so fast and just trying to keep up is a struggle?

Pay attention to how you’re feeling. 

It’s one thing to notice what’s making you feel bad. It’s a whole other thing to dwell on it.  Going inward and paying special attention to how you’re breathing, lets you shift your focus.  This allows you to not have to find the right words, say positive affirmations or need other people to change.  Breathing simply yet powerfully, slows things down long enough for you to take a beat.  And sometimes, a beat is all I need to choose to not start that fight, or say something you’d later regret.

Use your imagination.

Instead of avoiding an uncomfortable situation, stay present to it and engage with your imagination for help.  If someone is making you feel angry, anxious, guilty or less than, whether it’s intentional or not, imagine yourself becoming a dam and their words or actions the water.  Then open the dam by relaxing the muscles in my lower diaphragm.  Putting your mind into your body and relaxing your pelvic floor releases you from that fight or flight feeling and allows you to respond rather than react.

Let the triggers come.

It’s only natural as you work on yourself, inevitably someone or something is going to interrupt your flow.  So, like a bell going off, use that trigger as your cue to breathe as deeply as I possibly can.  On the outside, you may look like a bull getting ready to charge, but on the inside, you’re following the breadth of your emotions, honestly and without judgment.

Change can feel like your life is being hit by a tidal wave, with everything you love and hold dear being washed away.  How you choose to handle those feelings will make all the difference between you loving your life and you hating it.   This is not that you have to be okay with what has happened or what has been lost, but your willingness to nonetheless choose to be a loving participant on this planet will create miracles in your life.  Shift your perspective from negative to positive.  You can either let change mean that things are coming to a crushing end or let it mean that they are rising to a glorious new beginning.


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