So often we put off doing what our heart wants to do because we think our dream is silly, or that no one wants or needs what we have to offer.  That is simply not true. From one person nervous to put themselves out there to another, I too have that nagging voice in my head saying  “it’s already been said, you’re not saying anything new “, or my personal favorite  “shut up and sit down, no one cares what you have to say “.  I’d let those voices marinate in my head for days, putting my focus onto a gazillion other things I ‘needed’ to do, blatantly ignoring, and desperately trying to forget what my heart wanted.  Only it never forgets.  It will always want to be surrounded by love.  It will always want to be creative. It will always want to share everything it’s learned. It will always want to heal. But when you’re focused on what needs to get done instead of how you want to feel, it’s easy to forget to set the intention for love and joy.

The soul requires care and maintenance if it’s to be strong, just like the body needs to exercise.

I share what I’ve learned because, in spite of those voices trying to get me to sit on my couch and just let the time pass, you’ve let me know how much hearing mental health discussed in a different way helps you.  How much it makes a difference in your day.  So I’ve learned my silly dream of changing the language and taking the stigma out of mental health isn’t so silly after all.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”- C. S. Lewis

Every time I sit down at my computer to write out these ideas, I understand them even more.  Which fills me with even more joy.

So, now I ask you…

Is there something you’d love to be doing that you’re not because it seems silly, or like no one will want or need what you have to offer?  Are you telling yourself the world doesn’t need that special somethin’ that only you’ve got?  Then please hear me, the world needs dreamers and creative beings just like you and from one person nervous to put themselves out there to another, don’t wait to get started.  Start right now from where you are, with what you’ve got.  Trust me, there’s a rush of joy that can only come from satisfying that part of yourself that’s yearning to do that special something.

I love inspiring people to think differently. What do you love to do?   And what action are you going to take today to move towards making that dream a reality?

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