2016 I love you because…

I saw a blessing in each day.
I met some amazing people that continue to enrich my life daily.
I co-wrote, directed and produced my first of many sketches “Black actress to play white icon” —more to come in 2017!
I learned to breathe deeper.
Took my lessons in stride
I grew spiritually.
I started to finally let go of the things I can’t control
I practiced patience, with myself and others.
I forgave.
I exercised regularly
I had a blast at my first Supernatural convention in England.
I got to be Billie the reaper on Supernatural again!
I got to appreciate some OUTSTANDING Supernatural fan art of Billie. Thank you again, everyone, I cherish your work.
I rekindled a lost passion for colouring.
I took a cupcake decorating class. Yum.
I binged watched a ton of tv. Sorry. Not sorry.
I got to see Deadpool in theatres… Twice
I got to talk Supernatural with After Buzz TV hosts Lyndsey and Kat.
I wrote a blog.
I got to do a photo shoot with a friend.
I believed in magic.
I sang out loud.
I had so many reasons to say thank you.
I made art.
I did a play with my fiancé.

2016, you were wonderful, I say goodbye with a full heart. I loved it all.  The ups, the downs and everything in between.  May 2017 be filled with experiences that warm our souls, bring love to our hearts and bless us with everything this life has to offer.
All my love,
Lisa xx

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