My Christmas Gift To You

For a lot of people the holidays are not the happiest time of the year and to help anyone who might be feeling the holiday blues, here’s my gift to you, three of my favourite meditations.

Let me start by saying that this is a one-size-fits-all, no-assembly-required kind of gift. You can take it with you anywhere and there’s no wrong way to use it.

The parachute meditation
First, choose a word that makes you feel good when you say it. Love, grace, and quiet are my go to. Then for the next 30 days give yourself five minutes (day or night) where you focus all your energy on that word. When you catch yourself going on a tangent, use that word as your parachute to bring you back to your breath.

I use this meditation when I need to emotionally recharge. When I’ve given and given and now, all those good deeds leave me feeling depleted. I’ll say my word in my meditation and continue to use it as needed throughout the day to help me stay grounded in my truth. Turning it into a 30-day commitment is a great way to build consistency with a new meditating practice.

The moving meditation
It is what it sounds like. Get up and move. That could be a dance break to your favourite song in the middle of the afternoon, a walk around the block, or an hour-long workout at the gym. The point is to get your heart rate up, to encourage deeper breathing– and if you want to kick it up a notch, add a positive empowering mantra to it for fun.

This meditation gives me a one, two positive punch. Keeping my mind and body fit is great for releasing stress and even turning a bad day around.

The broccoli meditation.
For the first 5 minutes in your morning, guide your thoughts towards gratitude. You can say thank you for the pillow beneath my head, the bed I just slept in, for having hot and cold running water, and so on. Nothing is too small. Then repeat again in the evening.
If you were anything like me when I was a kid, you hated eating your vegetables but your parents made you because they were good for you. Well, five minutes of gratitude in the morning and night will have an extraordinarily positive impact on your life. One that you might feel weird doing at first, but over time you’ll notice how much calmer you are, and how you’re able to handle more stressful situations with great ease.

I turn to this one when it feels like one thing after another keeps going wrong. Also known as ‘my funk’ and a sign that I could do a little bit less complaining and a lot more appreciating.

The universe loves gratitude and it’s not picky about what you’re grateful for.  So when you notice more things going more wrong than right: stop, drop and appreciate.

I share my favourite meditations with you in the hope that they will be as helpful for you as they are for me. May your holiday season be filled with love, hope, and a peaceful mind.

Thank you so much for reading and as always let me know in the comments how these meditations worked for you.

Lisa xo

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