Putting it together

As most of you already know from my twitter feed, I love the Daily Burns at home workout app. I love it because of the focus, regardless of the program I’m doing, is on having a mind-body connection. Now, they haven’t asked me to promote their company in any way. I want to, because not only are the physical results great and I feel stronger, the most rewarding part is the mental clarity and focus that I gain. I’m not asking you to sign up to Daily Burn, that’s not my intention, but I do want to share with you how life-changing exercising with those principles in mind can be.

I’ve trained in a variety of ways over the years; mixed martial arts, jujitsu, yoga and all kinds of outdoor activities, and I’ve learned that how I handle struggle in the gym is exactly how I’ve handled struggle in my life. I’ve had the same fears, same limiting beliefs and have gone through the same mental chatter when things have gotten too tough. There was a time when the gym (much like how my life felt at the time) was one of the scariest, most threatening places I felt I had no business being in. That’s why, it’s exactly where I needed to be, because I didn’t want life to feel like that anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was tough in the beginning. Hell, tougher than tough but with my future happiness weighing in the balance, I pushed on and as my confidence in the gym grew, so did my confidence in life. All that moving around and deep breathing opened my eyes to a bigger picture. At a certain point, it stopped being about how much weight I could lose and more about how much strength I could gain.

By the time I got to a level where I was training with bona fide athletes, I was amazed by myself and what I was able to achieve. I went from barely being able to walk up a short flight of stairs without getting winded, to running a 10k in less than 40 minutes. I remembered thinking after a particularly tough workout —that I crushed!- “What else can I do that I never thought I could do before?”.

If for no other reason than to give your brain something else to focus on — other than looping the negative self-talk –exercising is something to add into your life.

Learning to connect my breathing with my body built an instinct in me to breath more deeply in my life. Exercising puts my body in a different state and once I was up and moving I had access to the thoughts that only come with having more energy. Hearing — like energy, is attracted to like energy, made sense to me all of a sudden. How could I feel strong, confident and capable of effecting change in my life if I wasn’t exercising those principles?

In the end, when it came to having real, lasting change, I had to stop judging where my starting block was in comparison to others, step outside my comfort zone, feel awkward at times —and as silly as it sounds —learn to breath again. I trust the process of my life way more now than I ever did, after all, no pain no gain, right.

Thanks so much for reading, lots of love.

Lisa xo

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