Defining moments

So often we feel alone in our pain– as if no one can understand us, but if you’ve heard me say it once, you’ll hear me say it a thousand times, you’re not alone. No one– and I mean no one gets to walk through life without pain. As much as we feel life would be so much better off without it, our soul would disagree, because it wants to grow and expand– and that’s a good thing.

Anyone who knows me knows I see metaphors for learning everywhere. This past month was no exception. I found myself stuck at the airport for hours and all I could do was just breathe through it. Believe me, it was hard sitting through another “your flight has been delayed again” announcement, waiting patiently until I eventually was put on a new flight. Home was only two hours away, yet it took me over ten to get there. Have you ever felt that way? So close but yet so far?

Now, I wasn’t the only one on that initial flight trying to breathe through what felt like death by a thousand cuts. There was a group of us dealing with the same frustration. Some of us just wanted to get home, others had connecting flights they were definitely missing.

We were strangers from all different walks of life, age and gender but we found common ground in our frustration. Then, something wonderful happened. We started talking to one another because after all, we could appreciate each other’s upset with the delays. It was really cool to see smiles all around despite how annoying the day was. You wouldn’t have known that we were at the airport for more than half the day– that’s when the life lesson hit me. Just because you’re going through something doesn’t mean that you’re a) alone in it or b) you have to treat others badly because something that feels bad is happening to you. As I’ve learned once again, we’re never truly alone. Something or someone is always sent to help you.

Considering most of us had been up since the crack of dawn, it was amazing to see we had all become friends. Not see you next week kinda friends, but the kind you say thank you too, for being so awesome when I needed someone awesome. Our frustrations weren’t a curse, they were a blessing. A beautiful reminder that human beings are good. That we care about one another on a deeper level than we can consciously perceive.

I don’t know if everyone is walking away with this same insight but it does warm my heart to know that when life threw me a curve ball, the universe had my back and showed me that I wasn’t alone. That in fact I’m never alone, left to deal with my fears (or in this case frustrations) by myself. We were a special group brought together by circumstances we couldn’t change, only make the best of.

We could have been grumpy mcgrumps all day, but instead, we banned together and was there for one another. We don’t get to pick the moments that define us but we do get to choose who we want to be when we’re in them.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love to you.

Lisa xo

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