Thank you for visiting my website.  If you’ve found me then you probably enjoy a daily dose of positivity too. I’m an actress and below you’ll find both my personal and professional portfolio of work. Look around and if you like what you see, then let’s stay connected and sign up for my monthly blog. I talk about my process as an acting, staying motivated, breaking bad habits, finding love and so much more.  Thank’s so much for stopping by.

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Demo Reel

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Stunt Reel

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Motion Comic Series

As artists, we need to have a hobby to keep our creative juices flowing and this is mine; turning comic books into mini motion movies. Letting each frame feel three dimensional, through the layering in of sound. This lets me -and hopefully, you, take in the details of the art, highlighting just how amazing comic books are. This way of reading comic books lets the story unfold before you.

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Giving Back

It has always been a goal for Dion and me to give back to the artistic community that has fostered our growth. As such we’ve decided that each year we will choose either an artist or an organization or a combination of both to support. Whether that’s helping an actor take a specialized class or a filmmaker reach a fundraising campaign goal. This way we are able to ensure that great art can continue to be explored and fostered.

This year we’ve already supported Mitch and Murray Production’s upcoming show Rapture, Blister, Burn. Mitch and Murray’s Production is a Vancouver-based theatre and film production company, founded as a creative home for local artists and audiences craving great theatre.

Before the year is out we look forward to supporting more.